Our Thoughts on COVID-19

Our Thoughts

Posted: April 2, 2020
By: Dr Joel Miller

Our thoughts on COVID-19


always, the wellbeing of you and your family is our highest priority at Family First
Chiropractic The Department of Homeland Security has designated chiropractors as essential healthcare providers, and
so we continue to serve.


We continue to
follow and apply health and safety regulations, regardless of season or
sickness. This is how we ensure that our practice members can trust us, not
only for principled chiropractic adjustments, but for the office environment. 


We wanted
to detail some of our sanitation and cleaning measures for you, as we all try
to make wise, positive choices. We also want to empower you with peace and trust in our bodies’
innate intelligence
, arming you
with information. 

What We Are

These include our normal protocols. We are adding extra thought to keeping everyone
as healthy as possible.


  • We are giving specific, scientific adjustments so each nervous
    system functions optimally to boost immunity against all germs and viruses.

  • The office is being thoroughly and regularly sanitized.

  • We use hand sanitizer between each adjustment.

  • We pull new paper for each practice member.

  • To avoiding crowding in the office, we have implemented separate
    appointments for at risk individuals.

  • Our fantastic front desk is doing the signing in for you.


System Booster Facts

  • White blood cells counts are higher within 15 minutes after a chiropractic adjustment, as shown in this study.

  • Chiropractic boosts your immune system as much as 200%. (“Pero R.” “Medical Researcher Excited By CBSRF Project Results.”
    The Chiropractic Journal, August 1989; 32.)

  • Relieving stress (emotional and physical) with chiropractic, improves how your
    body functions. You can read more here. 


Just over
100 years ago, there was another pandemic: the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919. Invaluable statistics came to light in that difficult time about the value of chiropractic care and
fully functioning nervous systems.   



  1. Continue
    to get adjusted, so your brain and body can communicate without interferences.
  2. Wash your
    hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  3. Use an
    alcohol-based sanitizer.
  4. Keep away
    from others who are sick.
  5. Avoid
    touching handrails, door handles and other high traffic surfaces in public
  6. Avoid
    touching your face, nose, eyes, etc.
  7. Avoid
    non-essential travel.
  8. If you
    aren’t feeling well (even if it’s mild), stay home, rest and hydrate. 


to the CDC, if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a
fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough or difficulty
breathing, call your healthcare provider immediately. Your healthcare
professional will work with your state’s public health department and the CDC
to determine if you need to be tested for COVID-19. If you are feeling unwell,
we ask that you please take steps to safeguard others and remain at home.

We care about each of you so deeply, and want you to know we are here for you. Please
reply with any questions or call 239-992-7178 to make an appointment to ensure that your nervous system is clear and functioning.