Automobile Accidents

Pain from auto accidents can linger for years, if it's cause is not corrected.

Almost all Americans will be involved in at least one motor vehicle accident at some time in their life. Often we are able to walk away free of injury...or so we may think. Learn about the little noticed symptoms that can result in permanent pain and discomfort if their cause is not corrected.

Injuries that result, from a motor vehicle accident, are often misunderstood. Frequently, the pain or other symptoms of the injury are not apparent at the time of the accident. In fact, some injuries are hidden so well, they may be missed by emergency room technicians and could take weeks, months, and even years before actual symptoms show.

The amount of damage to the car does not depict the amount of injury sustained by the victim. Studies indicate that injuries can occur at impact speeds of 5 mph where there is little or even no damage to the car. Today's cars absorb much of the impact in the bumper, but transmit this energy from impact to the person's head and neck in much the same fashion as when one pool ball hits another.

The most common symptoms of a whiplash injury are pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulder, recurring headaches, numbness in the arms and fingers, irritability, back pain, and dizziness. Few people realize that an untreated neck or back injury from a car accident is likely to develop into degeneration of the joints in later years adding more pain and debilitation to the situation.


A whiplash injury happens when a person's head is suddenly snapped forward, then backward. The symptoms of whiplash are headaches, stiffness, and neck pain. Blurred vision and tingling sensations in the arms and shoulders are caused by irritation to the nerves, caused by even a slight misalignment of the vertebrae in the neck. Almost every person involved in an automobile accident suffers some degree of whiplash injury.

Although auto accidents are the most common cause of whiplash, many other kinds of accidents can create severe stresses on the neck. Sudden falls, bumps on the head or a shove from behind can cause rapid motion of the neck. For these reasons, it is important to visit our office immediately after any incident that might injure the neck. Through careful examination and gentle corrective adjustments if needed, we can help you heal the inflammation to nerve tissues and avoid serious neck problems later.

It's time for you to take control of your health. The doctors at Family First Chiropractic are trained in locating and correcting structural damage, that is often the result of an overlooked motor vehicle accident.

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If you have even a "minor" accident, be sure to come in for a checkup!

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